The Gospel

Good morning brothers and sisters! All who are awake and asleep! I have Good News for you today and all days Over 2,000 years ago God took on flesh and dwelt among us. He showed all mankind his character and heart. He prophesied and fulfilled prophesy of Himself destroying sin and bringing eternal life to … Continue reading The Gospel

The Bride & The Other

You were there with Him. Your hands embraced His hands, your lips kissed His lips, you felt Him inside of you. His body was expressed through your body. The two harmonizing, the One fulfilling His bride. None can satisfy her but Him. But she got up from the marriage bed. She saw another. And there … Continue reading The Bride & The Other

I Had A Vision: The Sermon on the Song

"Good morning!" said the pastor, and his congregation echoed. "Please turn in your music libraries to Handel's Messiah." The laity put in their earphones promptly. "Today," spoke the pastor, "We will be looking at the Hallelujah Chorus, it's one of my favorite parts of the song. Let's take a deeper dive together and see what the … Continue reading I Had A Vision: The Sermon on the Song

Behold, the Emasculated Gospel!

The moral scholars bring you family-friendly gospel for family-friendly people! Have you heard the good news? God came and died for you! God is not mad at you anymore if you believe it! Why yes, we do read He ascended into heaven and His Spirit poured out on all flesh! Then the Advocate came and … Continue reading Behold, the Emasculated Gospel!

The Atheist: a Christian’s Best Friend

The Atheist is the true hero for the church today. He is the Christian’s best friend. He is the sheepdog reminding the sheep where their correct direction is and justly nipping at them when they stray too far. “Freedom of Religion”! We American Christians protest as they take Christian prayers out of school, the 6,000-year … Continue reading The Atheist: a Christian’s Best Friend